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تُغادر الروح فضاءها ... إن غادر الكتاب سرج بقائها


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Adibeh Abdo-Attia came to Australia in January 1977 from Syria alongside her parents. Although a qualified teacher in her homeland, she found it difficult to find similar work in a nation that was yet to acknowledge multiculturalism as one of its greatest strengths. She worked in door-to-door sales and factory work until she enrolled herself in an accounting degree while working for an exporter. Two years into her studies, financial circumstances rendered her unable to complete her degree, forcing her to re-enter full-time work with an untimely haste. Having been a strong performer at work, she was promoted to become the first female export manager in Australia. Following this stint, she opened up her own travel agency before finding her calling within the community as a social worker. Feeling that she could be more impactful elsewhere, she later joined the Australian Tax Office (ATO) where she worked in audit and education, receiving numerous awards for her work in the community from NGOs and the ATO, including being named the ATO Harmony Hero for outstanding community engagement. Following her retirement from a 25 year career at the ATO, she now produces and broadcasts a radio program focussed on social issues whilst pursuing her passion in writing

Adibeh Abdo-Attia have recently published a book of her own and frequently post articles on numerous Arabic websites. This journey has brought her to where she is now.

As retirement age was advancing she began to search for a pastime hobby and, with the encouragement of her family and friends, she set into motion my journey into the world of writing and publishing.

Now she has completed her first Poetry book and called it A moon on my shoulder. Family and friends read the book enthusiastically and gave her such positive feedback that she was inspired to take her idea one step further and went on to establish aaabooks.org to promote her books and encourage others to do the same.


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