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The first of her published poetry, Silence of the Moon has two thematics that stand in stark contrast to one another. Some of the poetry focuses on the rebellion, violence and cruel suffering endured by Adibeh’s ancestors during the Armenian Genocide of 1915. These are the heavy accumulations of misery, fear, terror and systematic exile. The remaining works speak of love, for both humanity and for her country, in a way that strangely links the two experiences of suffering and love that seem an inextricable and inevitable part of the human experience.

In her poems, we notice the poetry that takes us to the oases of the wonderful charm, passion and mythology to reveal to us her love to her country.

When we read her poems, we find objectivity, passion, love, and rebellion in her writing. The suffering and rejection of the massacre of 1915 still etched in her memory.


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تُغادر الروح فضاءها ... إن غادر الكتاب سرج بقائها


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ISBN: 978-0-9874750-9-1
TITLE: Silence of the moon
FORMAT: Paperback
DIMENTIONS: 140x200mm
GENRE: Poetry
LANGUAGE: English/Assyrian
Author: Adibeh Abdo-Attia
of the moon
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